Yukon – Canada

Yukon jade

There are lots of different types of jade from the Yukon. I’ll put them all in on one page and separate them out if I get enough photos. My experience with jade from the Yukon is wholly through a miner called Roger Krichbaum. All the photos of stone and finished carving on this page are … Read more

Dark Green – New Zealand

Dark green Pounamu

I’m not sure if there is a traditional name for this dark green Pounamu. The stones I’ve carved are dark and reflective which shows up the carvings form very well but also has a unexpected deep translucence when back lit. One of my favorite jades to carve. Aaron

Kahurangi – New Zealand

Kahurangi Pounamu

“Kahurangi is the most highly translucent, flawless variety as well as the rarest. The word Kahurangi derives from the cleanness of the sky – it was likened to the range of colour observed in the sky, which varied in intensity according to the day and season, and not the specific colour. Hence we have a … Read more

Kokopu – New Zealand

Kokopu Pounamu

“A variety not originally recorded and a term that appears to be of resent origin. Kokopu is the Maori name applied to the adult of three species of native freshwater fish of the Galaxidae family. They occur New Zealand wide in creeks and rivers and are dark brown, olive green and yellowish coloring’s. Nephrite with … Read more