Lila – Guatemala

Lila Jadeite Guatemala

Lila jadeite from Guatemala is most often a mottled white and purple, but also can have rose, green and blue colors mixed in too. When it has three colours mixed in its called Rainbow (Arco de Iris). By jdi

Hielo / Ice – Guatemala

Hielo Ice Guatemalan jadeite

Hielo (Ice) from Guatemala was readily available 6-8 years ago, however, it has all but disappeared from the market. Some people reserve the name Hielo for only the most clear Guatemalan jadeite. However, the material pictured here, while lesser in quality, still has it’s appeal. White, with maybe a slight green cast to it, this, … Read more

Gonzalez Blue – Guatemala

Gonzalez Blue Guatemalan Jadeite

The Gonzalez Blue jadeite from Guatemala is so dark as to be almost black except in really strong light or when worked into really thin sections. It is easy to be unimpressed by the rough stone, unless you see it in direct sunlight. As you can see in the rough/cut stone, there are many small fracture … Read more

Gemma – Guatemala

Gemma Jadeite

This jadeite from Guatemala is typically green. (The piece pictured is unusual for the distinct bands of green.) Sometimes, Gemma will trend to blue or be mixed with blue, but greens predominate. It is characterized by fractures, many of which are healed, that sometimes create geometric patterns, think tic-tac-toe type cross-hatching. It also looks like … Read more

Olmec – Guatemala

Olmec jadeite

Olmec is a beautiful blue Jadeite from Guatemala. The pieces I’ve carved are very translucent with white “cloud” streaks going through parts. Aaron