Yukon – Canada

Yukon jade

There are lots of different types of jade from the Yukon. I’ll put them all in on one page and separate them out if I get enough photos. My experience with jade from the Yukon is wholly through a miner called Roger Krichbaum. All the photos of stone and finished carving on this page are … Read more

Dark Green – New Zealand

Dark green Pounamu

I’m not sure if there is a traditional name for this dark green Pounamu. The stones I’ve carved are dark and reflective which shows up the carvings form very well but also has a unexpected deep translucence when back lit. One of my favorite jades to carve. Aaron

Kahurangi – New Zealand

Kahurangi Pounamu

“Kahurangi is the most highly translucent, flawless variety as well as the rarest. The word Kahurangi derives from the cleanness of the sky – it was likened to the range of colour observed in the sky, which varied in intensity according to the day and season, and not the specific colour. Hence we have a … Read more