Gemma – Guatemala

This jadeite from Guatemala is typically green. (The piece pictured is unusual for the distinct bands of green.) Sometimes, Gemma will trend to blue or be mixed with blue, but greens predominate. It is characterized by fractures, many of which are healed, that sometimes create geometric patterns, think tic-tac-toe type cross-hatching. It also looks like it has flow structure, the result of tiny inclusions that some have said might be mica. These inclusions have caused others to think the material is Aventurine, which also is found in Guatemala. However, the Gemma jadeite is not as brilliant, neon green, as Aventurine and can easily be distinguished with a simple Specific Gravity test. The source of this material is believed to be south of the Motagua River/Fault Zone, in the Jalapa area. While common in Guatemala 10 years ago, this material is less so now.
By jdi