Hielo / Ice – Guatemala

Hielo (Ice) from Guatemala was readily available 6-8 years ago, however, it has all but disappeared from the market. Some people reserve the name Hielo for only the most clear Guatemalan jadeite. However, the material pictured here, while lesser in quality, still has it’s appeal. White, with maybe a slight green cast to it, this, along with Luna, is one of the most translucent of the Guatemalan jadeites. Occasionally, it will have a neon (Imperial?) green patch in it, but this is rare. Also, it can have a pale purple and that is rarer still. It tends to have a medium to course grain – leaving the crystalline structure visible to the eye on a cut, but unpolished surface. On rare occasions, the color from the rind penetrates the jade enough to create an orange to red colored stone. In my experience, the Hielo was mostly available in small stones, but Luna was often in boulders.
By jdi