Making copper burs – part 1

I got the idea for these from watching a gemstone carver make a replica carving out of Agate. You can see the video here – Gemstone carving

I couldn’t find anyone selling them so decided to make my own. You use them with diamond or another abrasive mixed with oil, and they allow you to use really fine grits with regular bur shapes.

*Disclaimer – I’m not responsible for anything that happens if you decide to make some of these! Wear appropriate safety gear.

(1) These are the base materials. Old 1mm drill bits (Richon Tools) and copper wire.

(2) I shortened the burrs and got rid of the diamond grit – pliers and a file.

(3) Drill or punch a dip in the top of your copper so your drill doesn’t stray.

(4) Drill out a section of copper (1mm drill)

(5) Gently tap the shafts onto the drilled copper wire. Note my sad off center drilling.

(6) Silver solder the two parts together.

(7) Rough file to shape

(8) Put bur in micro motor and true/shape with files/sandpaper

(9) All done, lots of options about different shapes to make.