Mt Mister – water/air spray system

This is a water delivery system that I brought from Mt Mist.   The Mister is just a box that mixes air and water in a really adjustable way- on/off for each and needle valves. I connect this to my hand pieces so I have air and water misted/sprayed on my work the whole time I’m carving.

I was using the water drip method before which was really messy and also obscured any fine detail I was trying to carve.   I’ve used this for roughing pieces out (adjusted to spray more water) and also carving finer reliefs (less water, more air) and it works great.

Note you only get what is in the picture below so you need to connect it up to an air compressor and water spray bottle.  I also made an attachment to join it to my hand pieces.

mt mister

I run two hand pieces so needed an attachment that could be quickly swapped.

The yellow part is just a bottle top and the green is an epoxy putty.  The main point is to get the angle right so it sprays onto your bur head.

This is an overview of how I have everything setup. In the bottom right corner you can see my blue airline and water pump bottle.  These feed into the Mt Mister (blackbox) which then runs thin hoses to the sprayer attachment which sits on a hook under my handpieces when its not attached.