“Can Pounamu only be gifted, is it ok to buy a piece for yourself?”

I get asked if Pounamu can only be gifted, every now and then.

I personally don’t follow it. My whole background as a maker started and is motivated by making objects I like and would want to own/wear so I’ve made all my own carvings. I also like buying things (from veg through to tools) from the maker/grower. I like to be connected to the object and meet and talk to the person that made it.

Although it consistently pops up I’m unsure how actually prevalent the gifted idea is. I believe I have only heard it in regards to Pounamu. I’ve had a lot of both Pakeha and Maori buy carvings from me for themselves. I think that a carving is very personal and special. It makes sense to pick one yourself and be involved in the buying/commissioning process.

Like all things different people have other opinions. I tell people that ask me my ideas and then suggest they go with what they are comfortable with.

What do you think?


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