Richon Tools – QiangZuan Electric Grinder QT-9

I just brought one of these from Richon. I thought I’d share my initial impressions then after using it for a while i’ll post another review.

It arrived in around 7 days (from Hong Kong to New Zealand). I think it worked out to be $450 NZD including shipping (7/11/20)

Here’s the specs from their site –
QiangZuan Brand Electric Grinder 90,000RPM QT-9
RPM: 0-90,000 RPM, Max. Torque: 8.0Ncm, Voltage: 220V 150W, Plug Type: I.
Set includes: Powder unit x 1, Handpiece x 1(2.35mm or 3.0mm), Power cord x 1 (150cm length Type I)
Wrench set x 1, Handpiece Stand x1, Foot Pedal x 1

I was told by another carver it is 50K not 90K rpm. This isn’t a factor for me as I normally only use up to 40K

I brought an extra collet so I can use both 2.3mm and 3mm burs. The handpiece uses a different plug to connect to the controller than my previous micro motors (strong).

There was some spare bearings included. These had “free” written on the bag so they might be an addon.

You can see it here – QiangZuan Electric Grinder QT-9